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7 Feb 2019

Winter Beach Outings, with Alice + Whittles

Disclaimer: I’m not an “outdoorsy” person by any means, so when you read this post, it’s coming from a place of understanding for anyone who’d rather be somewhere warm — including inside.

But since becoming parents, we’ve (self proclaiming) embraced a lot of things that aren’t exactly my jam. And for most, not all, of the time — I’m so happy about what the open mindedness has done for both my child’s growth and even more so, our own!

Winter in Canada is pretty infamous for it’s serious cold, I’ll admit. But there’s something about the environment of the beach that calms in all seasons. The sand may be cold, and you don’t exactly want to take a dip either, but if you dress accordingly (layers and waterproof highly recommended) the presence of fresh air and moving water, definitely does something for the soul.


Your best bet is to mix layer friendly pieces and ones you won’t mind getting a little messy/sandy. But the wardrobe winner for us, has definitely been rain boots! They don’t hold the sand in crevices or the material with the likes of sneakers, keep your feet both sand and cold free unlike sandals or slips, and the toddler’s favourite of all things — totally encourage entering (read: stomping, splashing, kicking, running in) the water.

Mine are the beautiful work of Alice + Whittles, a Canadian brand that focuses on crafting their footwear with high eco-ethical values. With a belief that “all fashion brands should be contributing to the long-term solutions” within environmental and social responsibility — they are consciously choosing at every stage of both the supply and manufacturing chain, while maintaining attainable prices, total functionality, and classic style.

Read more about their mindful approaches and manufacturing transparency, here.


R’s had his Hubble & Duke ones from Little Minimalist forever! And they’ve held up through all kinds of adventures; beach, parks, the wet-tropical environment of Medellin, the endless rain of Vancouver and everything in between.

So on the topic of worthy wardrobe investments and pieces “made for real life”, rubber boots totally earn their spot on the list.

This post is in partnership/courtesy of, Alice + Whittles.
All views and opinions remain that of my own.

Find more “Responsible Brand” features & reviews, here.

xx, Olivia

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