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21 Sep 2020

Brands We Love: Posh & Cozy

Before undertaking blogging for real, new mom me dabbled in 'brand repping'. I decided not to carry on with that once I moved in the blogger space and Rheo was in his early toddler years. It just wasn't me anymore. But one of the first brands I worked with through doing so was Posh & Cozy and I've been lucky to keep an on going relationship with them ever since. They're a Canadian-made, ethically run, and woman-led brand.


30 Jul 2020

All Black Basics, With Franc

Everyone needs some good, quality basics in their wardrobe. I’ve featured FRANC before and shared snippets of their pieces many times throughout my social feed because they do just that — and so perfectly might I add.

Not only do they provide elevated basics for real everyday life, but they’re manufactured locally with both ethical and sustainable standards at top of mind. Read a little bit more about that here.

This will be the first of a few pieces I share, but I’ve decided to split them up given I’ve already done an overview post and the items are truly some of my favourite (deserving a little more one on one share time).

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