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17 Aug 2022

School Uniforms: Conscious, Small Business

 Another school year is right around the corner (or recently begun for some of our US friends) and that means back-to-school preparations. For many people, ourselves included that means uniform shopping. And whether you go straight to the uniform provider or big box stores making the same styles, they all share a similarity that's hard to avoid. Not the most comfortable materials, little to no conscious considerations, and most definitely not ethically made.

I would be lying if I said we were able to entirely avoid those options, but it's just not as easy as it sounds. Yet. As more parents look for alternative options to incorporate into the standard uniform, an increasing amount of businesses big and small are looking to cater to that need.

Here, I am sharing a few brands that offer uniform collections or uniform-friendly pieces all while checking the boxes of ethical and/or sustainable manufacturing practices and materials, as well as being small businesses.


31 May 2022

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring (Update)

 At last, the warm weather has decided to show face.

After what felt like an exceptionally long fall and winter stride (especially with extended lockdowns, restrictions, cold snaps and catching the big C) we couldn't be more excited for a new season and the fast approaching summer break.

There have been minimal updates on this particular platform, but I'm going to make an effort to update links, codes, and double share content here for easy finding and those of you who aren't as or at all active on social media.

Soon coming will be our annual summer bucket list, a bit on capsule wardrobe with kids, and a few road trip destinations (Southern Ontario) to consider adding to your summer list.

x, OM

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