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31 May 2022

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring (Update)

 At last, the warm weather has decided to show face.

After what felt like an exceptionally long fall and winter stride (especially with extended lockdowns, restrictions, cold snaps and catching the big C) we couldn't be more excited for a new season and the fast approaching summer break.

There have been minimal updates on this particular platform, but I'm going to make an effort to update links, codes, and double share content here for easy finding and those of you who aren't as or at all active on social media.

Soon coming will be our annual summer bucket list, a bit on capsule wardrobe with kids, and a few road trip destinations (Southern Ontario) to consider adding to your summer list.

x, OM


24 Nov 2021

Experience Gifting With Kids

 In the spirit of giving fewer better things, gifting minimally, and striving for quality over quantity - experience gifts are favourite of mine. We don't live and die by this but we do look to it as an option whenever and wherever possible (*definitely made easier pre-pandemic).

For our son's last birthday, we took a trip to Montréal. Although we did plenty of things during the trip for non-birthday reasons, his main birthday wish of going on a ferris-wheel was met with tickets to ride Montréal's La Grande Roue.

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