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1 Feb 2019

Ember Mug, Review

I’ve been getting questions about this piece ever since I got it, and increasingly so since it’s begun making it’s way into Canadian retailers (such as Starbucks Canada). It’s this ceramic mug, from EMBER which also happens to be the world’s first temperature-control mug.

If you’re wondering what the hell that means, it’s essentially a technology incorporated/smart mug that can be controlled via set preferences and/or through your mobile device or smart phone.

EMBER has two designs; the travel mug and the ceramic mug (which is the model I have), both which were designed to keep and control your preferred drinking temperature for you. Either options include a mug, a charging plate and of course access to the mobile app, are sleek in design and from my experience, are durable in quality.

That being said, the mugs range from $80-$150 USD which can obviously seem unreasonable for a mug and probably the number one reason I’ve received so many DMs asking; if it works, how it works, and if it’s really worth the price tag.

1. How does it work?
Your EMBER mug features temperature detecting technology, using it to cool down with your drink until reaching preferred drinking temperature and then maintaining that temperature for you. Your mug is also compatible with a mobile app in which you can control the temperature up or down, set a timer for steeping, pre-set preferences for various drinks, receive notifications when your drink has reached your ideal temperature level and also track your caffeine consumption with Apple Health.

2. Does it really perform?
Entirely. I have yet to be the slightest bit disappointed by the performance and also managed to create my own preset preferences once I figured out what it was all about. Example – you might like to keep drinks with dairy (which tend to cool faster on their own) at a different temperature than the likes of a herbal tea (where to high of a temperature can prevent you from really being able to taste the flavours).

3. Is it worth the price tag?
It really depends on your own experience, habits, and needs. It’s not a necessary item by any means but it’s been a little slice of happy in my day, which would normally include heating and re-heating my drink upwards from 3 times. This way, I know when it’s my idea of “perfect” and it stays that way regardless of how many times I’m interrupted by the norms of motherhood or if I simply forget about it.

I actually love it so much that I’ve considered getting the travel model for both my husband and I for when we start school drop-off and (him) running practices in the fall.

I should also mention that this post is not at all sponsored, endorsed or in collaboration with EMBER.

I came across the brand on Instagram and was super intrigued by the technology. I was torn on whether the price was worth it or not, after all, it’s a mug. But the boys gifted me it for Mother’s Day and I’m so glad they did, not only because I ended up loving it but it’s also such a “mom” perfect present that not only have me a laugh but will also get put to use, regularly, for time to come.

xx, Olivia.

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