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17 Aug 2022

School Uniforms: Conscious, Small Business

 Another school year is right around the corner (or recently begun for some of our US friends) and that means back-to-school preparations. For many people, ourselves included that means uniform shopping. And whether you go straight to the uniform provider or big box stores making the same styles, they all share a similarity that's hard to avoid. Not the most comfortable materials, little to no conscious considerations, and most definitely not ethically made.

I would be lying if I said we were able to entirely avoid those options, but it's just not as easy as it sounds. Yet. As more parents look for alternative options to incorporate into the standard uniform, an increasing amount of businesses big and small are looking to cater to that need.

Here, I am sharing a few brands that offer uniform collections or uniform-friendly pieces all while checking the boxes of ethical and/or sustainable manufacturing practices and materials, as well as being small businesses.

Newly launched, is Mini Mioche's uniform collection. This small collection consists of uniform styles made of organic fabrics with children's comfort at mind. With 10 pieces and beanies to match, the offering leans more dress-code friendly but the jersey crew raglan and and classic cardi still work wonderfully with uniforms that require collared shirts. We'll be looking to add the short sleeve tees and jogger pants (love the cut on this style) for gym days.

*This collection is only available in white and blue colours.

Jax & Lennon's uniform collection is available again this year. The collection offers 9 styles including a short sleeved polo shirt (white only) for those requiring a collared shirt. This is another collection that features a few items best suited to a more flexible uniform requirement, but I appreciate the multiple shorts styles and the skort for little girlsl.

*This collection is only available in white and blue colours.

Not a uniform collection, Os & Oakes has a handful of great pieces to accompany any dress-code or uniform such as the bamboo tee dress (in navy), the bamboo crewneck pullover (in maroon, navy, and pine) the bamboo cardi (in navy).

*This collection comes in various common uniform colours including navy, maroon, and pine.
These colours also come in pieces such as their classic tees and long sleeves.
Use code 'OLIVIA10' or shop here, to save 10%. *affiliate

*photo credit and property of (1) mini mioche, (2) Jax & Lennon

I hope that with time, the options and accessibility to such alternatives continues to grow.
Until then, I hope these great Canadian brands provide some new considerations.


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