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23 Jul 2020

Minted, Supporting Independent Artists

Let me start by saying that this is not my first experience with Minted and it's been top notch every single time. When they reached out about promoting their newly launched children's art collection, I was absolutely thrilled.

You might recall in our son's last room, we had an infamous accent wall with cursive writing of "I love you" sprawled out in monochromatic perfectness. Well, that was also from the wonderful people behind the product offering at Minted and it was a total hit. (Maybe we should look at doing it again in our new home?)

It took me days, seriously, to choose from their selection because there is such an array of options. Truly something for everyone. But I ended up picking a single piece of art, for and with my daughter in mind. The piece is an illustration by Amanda Houston called Girls Support Girls and it's amazing. In hopes of slowly curating a nice art collection for the kids, I chose to upgrade everything from framing it to having it mounted in a museum-grade border.

Yes, the options are plentiful on how you want your art finished but I wanted to take a quick minute to tell you about Minted and why I appreciate their work behind just find some pretty cool pieces of work.

Minted is in the business of promoting independent artists, giving or extending their platform of work sharing, that both they and the customers don't have access to through traditionall retailers. This not only boosts artists exposure, but can truly launch their businesses. They work with artists from 100+ countries including of course, Canada and US nationwide.

Their efforts in transparency, inclusions, and opportunity providing are nothing short of admirable. You can see their process of finding, acquiring, and selling art as well as the every detail of their values here (honestly, this one is worth the read).

Otherwise, I strongly encourage you to check out their live art submissions feed where you can see art as it's received for the voting of or just see all that's new.

x, OM

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