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30 Jul 2020

All Black Basics, With Franc

Everyone needs some good, quality basics in their wardrobe. I’ve featured FRANC before and shared snippets of their pieces many times throughout my social feed because they do just that — and so perfectly might I add.

Not only do they provide elevated basics for real everyday life, but they’re manufactured locally with both ethical and sustainable standards at top of mind. Read a little bit more about that here.

This will be the first of a few pieces I share, but I’ve decided to split them up given I’ve already done an overview post and the items are truly some of my favourite (deserving a little more one on one share time).

Basic tops are my choice above all other items because I feel like a plain tee or tank has the most versatility. Interchanging bottoms or layers provides the ability to make drastic changes to an outfit, all the while a simple top can be roped in regardless of the day, style, occasion or even season.


Truthfully I have long loved the style of The Highneck Tank because it feels like a more pulled together take on a regular tank top. As someone in and around the 5-foot mark, straight lines and an all over colour palette (in this case, the colour reaching higher) also help elongate my appearance. But if that style isn’t your thing than they have the Ribbed, the Scoopneck, and the Tee Tank as wonderful other options.

Sandals are from another Canadian brand, Montreal's Maguire Boutique.
Inspired by dad but the ultimate mom sandal, I've linked them here.

Pants were a purchase made while we were living abroad. On a trip to Bucaramanga for playoffs, I found these in a little store near the hotel. I lived in them both seasons because of the heat there and my refusal to stop wearing black despite that, but they’ve remained in my wardrobe for the past 4 years. Loved clothes last.

Safe to say this is one of my go-to outfits and why it's the first to be shared,
but stay tuned for 3 other equally as wonderful basics from FRANC coming soon.

x, OM


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