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27 Jun 2020

8 'Small Closet Friendly' Summer Pieces From Everlane

Shopping 'consciously' has it's various hurdles for various people. If you're not into secondhand, a lot of it comes down to accessibility with price point and where a brand is located (yes, e-commerce is alive and well but sometimes shipping + duties if international, can add an arm and a leg to usually already higher price tags).

I'm a sucker for smaller, independent brands and labels but for sake of creating content the feels within reach to more people, I want to talk about Everlane and some of my favourite pieces they currently have available:

The Linen Relaxed Shirt:
You shouldn't be surprised because I have 3 of these in my wardrobe making it the one outfit you literally always see me wear. I can't help it. I just love the look, especially in a crisp white colour (although I obviously have black as well).

Wildly popular right now, a versatile piece because even out of season or trend can be used for functional reasons, a good alternative to cheaper options at just about every fast fashion house.

A favourite style of mine, but in a beautiful natural colour versus my usual go-to white.

A classic style that can live on in the closet forever, both casual and dressy friendly, available in 4 great colours and 1 print (stripes).

It's hard not to like a one and done outfit and honestly, anything that resembles a Canadian Tuxedo (look it up) is a-okay with me.

On that same notion as above, a one-piece outfit is great for fool proof dressing and this one is exceptionally summer friendly being in a breathable linen fabric.

An easy and care-free cut, t-shirt comfort brought to a one piece wonder of an outfit. Available in 4 of the most amazing muted colours (and black).

Any kind of espadrille is hit or miss with me, but something about the ankle lace style is so feminine and put together looking. I like shoes best of all because my outfits are almost always comprised of classics which can at times seem 'boring' so to speak.

I love a sleek, well structured backpack. Being in the thick of motherhood, I have pretty much abandoned all other types of bags and purses for whatever keeps me sane and organized. These come in great colours, have ample pockets/slots/zips and are made from recycled plastic/polyester. Normally, I have mixed emotions about plastic reuse because of microfibres but with the likes and standard use of a backpack, I think this is a really awesome way to make use of the material again.

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase via the links shared, I receive a commission which is a small part of my blogger income.

This fact and post in general are in no way an attempt to make you shop, rather some shared favourites and suggestions if you're already in the market.

x, OM


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