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18 Aug 2018

Summer With Soho Designs

You might have noticed lately, that I swapped out my usual diaper bag for something new? And while I still have a love for my original bag, with the arrival of summer and the little one turning 3, it was necessary to have something with high functionality — something that has zips, clips, pockets galore and could not only hold but also manage, the organizational task of packing a well prepared load for any beach trip, splash pad outing, picnic, and beyond. I love pretty, but I need practical (or both) because I don’t want to miss a single moment or opportunity right now, and that’s why I’ve been faithful to our new Kenneth Bag from Soho Designs, because it assures all that. 

Rheo calls it our “adventure bag” for just that reason. It’s organization ability is foolproof, with numerous compartments both zipped and not. The bag even comes with an additional clutch for smaller items, changing supplies for mamas in the baby stage, or just to have a place for your own things for once! I usually fill ours with wipes, first aid supplies, chapstick etc. or it holds our cutlery, reusable straws, and such when we do picnic lunches. The clutch fits perfectly into the bag itself, but it also has a wrist strap for carrying on it’s own.

My favourite component of the bag is easily the fact that it was clearly designed with functionality first. From details like padded shoulder straps (that matters after a long day out) to the clip-on bag dispenser for garbage, dirty diapers and messes, or even wet clothes — almost every detail you stress about remembering before heading out the door (except keys and the kids) has been covered. Features like insulated bottle slots have been major for long summer outings, keeping both drinks and snacks cool (big deal for baby bottles too) as well as built-in velcro stroller straps for hanging convenience. 

But the best thing about all the bags at Soho is the price point! With bags ranging within the $30-$40 range, it’s an attainable purchase for any budget, not to mention pretty unheard of with well-designed, well-made bags on the market. Motherhood can be an expensive journey as is, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for budget. I only wish I knew about this brand sooner because so many friends and family are always expressing how hard it is to find something that meets mom’s expectations, and dad’s preferred spending point.

And here it is.

I will be sharing via stories, a little peek inside the bag at all the details and how we pack it but in the meanwhile — check out their wide selection of diaper bags here, or find the Kenneth Bag (ours) in varying colours right here.

This post is sponsored, in collaboration with Soho Designs.

All opinions and reviews are entirely my own.


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