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7 Sept 2018

Responsible Brand: SKYE Footwear

My wardrobe isn’t entirely ethical, sustainable, or eco-friendly. It would be great if it was, but it’s still hard to get hands on many wardrobe or day-to-day items that are!

When we arrived in Vancouver, it didn’t take me long to rejoice in the extent of options both in apparel, beauty, and grocery that were greener. As someone who is plant-based, this is major for me throughout our many moves. Sure! You can order just about anything these days, but it’s a total win when you have local accessibility to better/greener/more responsible items of any kind — and the west coast has proven no shortage of that.

Skye Footwear is one of those brands. And one I needed to find, because if I had to pick one wardrobe item that was less likely to be conscious, it would be shoes (sneakers especially).

Skye Footwear is awesome not only for it’s minimal-use and animal-free production, but their efforts towards having everything from their products to their packaging be recyclable, biodegradable and of a mindful carbon footprint is above and beyond. 

A component I found to be extremely unique is the that the Impact insole is 100% biodegradable and the foam outsole is entirely recyclable. (Curious about the rest of the shoe? They’re intentionally man-made as to keep a significantly lower carbon impact. It’s also lycra, like your favourite Lulus, so it’s stretchy but super durable and as you know with your yoga pants — that’s hella comfortable).

You can find out about their factories / supply chains and their efforts to keep those responsible as well, here.


I went with the Rbutus from the Elemental Collection, but have been long contemplating the style in white from their Original Collection as well, after loving their easiness.

SKYE has 3 other unique, and West Coast inspired designs, in sleek minimal styles and colourways for anyone and any lifestyle — here. If you feel moved to invest in a pair, use code ‘theomeditSKYE’ to save at the checkout.

Details: Z Supply, Tees / Aritzia, Ion Joggers / Oak + Fort, Duster (no longer available, similar under $100 here) / Skye Footwear, The Rbutus El in ‘Scarlet’ / Fawn Design, Fanny Pack.

This post is part of the Responsible Brands Series and sponsored by, SKYE Footwear. All views remain entirely my own and any brands promoted across The OM Edit, are those I truly believe in and/or support. Xx.

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