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15 Aug 2018

Homemade Falafel Bowl

As you may have already seen, via Instagram, I’m currently hooked on this homemade falafel bowl. I honestly love falafel, but if we aren’t talking an authentic style baguette or sourdough — bread just isn’t my favourite. So this was a perfect combination of the savoury chickpea delight, warm grain, fresh greens and crisp veggies.

For starters, plant based friends, fear not! You don’t have to skip the feta in this meal if you can get your hands on Violife Foods. Also, totally not necessary to make the falafel yourself (there are plenty of pre-made, frozen options in most grocery stores). But there’s an awesome recipe for homemade here and we also buy ground chickpeas and falafel seasoning, mix both with water (add spice, onion, etc if desire) and you’re halfway there. 

Making the bowl itself is super easy.

Hearty bed of mixed greens.
Scoop of brown rice or whole grains.
Chopped tomato (cherry), cucumber, onion.
Spoonful of feta or plant-based alternative.
Falafel balls as you please. 
Drizzle of balsamic or vinaigrette.
Pinch of salt and pepper.

I add the rice and falafel while still warm and it’s the best contrast of warm and spicy, with fresh crisp veg.

While my food photography is rather atrocious, in my years of being plant-based, I have come to find a serious love of food and love sharing it with you guys when doable. A few other meals can be found under ‘recipes’ or on Instagram under #om_eats.

Xx, Olivia.

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