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5 Apr 2018

Buying Better, And Blundstone

I can honestly say, there’s been a noticeable difference since focusing on more intentional consumer habits. Buying better might just sound like a good saying but it’s really so much more than that. Having only things you love, that are well made, and are entirely functional to your day-to-day living matters.

Your days shouldn’t be strained by your belongings. You shouldn’t be in a revolving door of replacing (and re-spending on) items that were subpar. Less wasted time on things stealing your energy, unnecessarily. More life living, memory making, savings building (or spending on more worthy things).

I’m a style lover. But I’m also a full-time mom, forever errand runner, always do-er. And above everything I’m cozy obsessed. That’s why I love (read: wish I converted to sooner) Blundstone

We bought the Little Blunnies for Rheo this fall after noting that the price difference between them and the Timberlands he had seasons prior, wasn’t far off. But the functionality, make, and parent-friendly aspect was significantly higher (never worrying about undone, slush covered laces again). They were awesome! And yet again – our kid had better things than we did.

I had nice boots, but they were overpriced and designed for aesthetic only. I needed a boot that was seamless with my style, versatile for occasions, but still promoted life off the sidelines. Blundstone again, it was! I first got the Dress Series’ Chiseled Toe in grey, which I wore all through the fall before getting (best of all) the Leather Lined, an updated version of the Originals, in black – just like Rheo. Yes, I’ve become that mom but I just can’t deny the attention to detail (of any Blundstone) but also the overall goodness and staple aspect of the classics. 

These have become my go-to for dressing, without having to ruin a fancy dress boot but also being able to tackle it all. They are sturdy, sleek, and roomy to the right amount. A perfect addition to a better, fewer wardrobe that’s both stylish and functional.



Xx, Olivia.

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