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22 Apr 2018

Curate An Ethical Closet

I was a little behind on sharing anything for Earth Day, but in all honestly, a lot of my posts are on an everyday earth day vibe. However, today, just one day after is significant as well — marking the 5 year anniversary of the life taking collapse of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. In choosing ethical, we can contribute less to these circumstances and cut back on the amount of ill run factories, over demand for supply, and workers (many of which are young women) in unfathomable work environments. See more about the disaster here.

A few ways you can build or curate a more ethical closet are:

Support ethical brands:
seek brands focused on ethical production / check your labels / 
know who made your clothes / ask questions.

Choose high quality:
quality over quantity / better made, longer lasting.

Buy vintage or consider second-hand:
not contributing to additional consumerism / especially good if you really want brand names, designer, or denim.

Shop less, choosing only things you love:
loved clothes last longer / buy only what you love entirely to ensure items the chance of a longer wearing life / having what you already love = less desire to replace.

Take care of what you already have! (free):

buying is somewhat inevitable so at least take care of what you have spent your hard earned money on / proper care and keeping of your clothes helps them last longer / also washing and caring responsibly (hand or cold wash, hang dry) not only keeps your clothes in good standings but also the environment.

Ethical brands featured
Vagabond Shoes, Miakoda (on me). 
Jax & Lennon, Little & LivelyMini Rodini (on R).

“If you pay a little more, we can live a little better.”
— Sharti Atka / Garment Worker, Bangladesh 

Xx, Olivia. 

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