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21 Mar 2018

Lounge Layers

I’m really hoping that when the warm weather arrives, my style will get back to being a little more put together because I feel like I’ve been living in a combination of yoga and workout apparel, meets oversized basics. I hate the cold. Seriously, anything under 20 just doesn’t excite me enough to wear anything but endless layers. 

This whole outfit is proof that you can wear anything if you accessorize. Faux-leather leggings are my 3x a week go-to and the rest of my outfit is literally lounge or athletic wear. Hey! Functionality comes first when Rheo’s involved. I never want to “I can’t” him, because of my outfit and this one worked perfectly. 

Sneakers / Aritzia, Vegan Leggings (similar, cheaper here) / Sweatshirt, old (similar) / Lululemon, Scuba Hoodie / Bomber Jacket (cheaper) / Hieleven, Crossbody / TIJN, Sunglasses. 

If you haven’t already seen on social media, I will be hosting a closet sale (adult edition) this coming weekend – so if that’s your cup of tea, be sure to stay tuned.

Xo, Olivia.

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