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16 Feb 2018

Weekend Basics

Weekends are nothing fancy in our household – in fact, most of the time, they hardly even seem like “weekends”. Generally my husband has a game, sometimes two, occasionally three (if you can even stand the thought). But when we do weekend, it’s worth every minute – which is usually spent finding a new coffee shop, hitting up a fruit market, and a whole lot of outside time with a rambunctious toddler. 

This calls for all of the basics – a favourite jean, a sneaker and my ultimate go-to, a classic tee (added a leather jacket because the weather was that mild that I felt obligated to wear something other than a coat equal to my body weight).

If you follow along on instagram stories (also available via Facebook Pages), you probably already know that we started our weekend with a trip to the emerge – so without further ado, we’re off to take it a little easier than normal to our favourite beats and some weekend eats. 

Rhe: Bamboo Harems | Zip Sweater (old) | Hi-Top Sneakers | Play Camera.

Wishing you all a (long) weekend worth missing, come Monday.

— Xo, Olivia. 

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