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4 Feb 2018

A Birthday Note

I love these photographs! They don’t seem like anything special. They were taken by my very own husband. With no spectacular background, or out of this world outfit. Nothing “goals” about them or anything of the sorts. But they captioned themselves. 

“Me, at 26. Arms full, heart full, grateful.”

You don’t get to 26 with the labels “married” and “mother” well worn in, without having endured some uninvited opinions along the way. But it’s a large part of the reason I couldn’t find much to ask for in the realm of birthday presents this year. And if you ask me, that’s really a gift in itself. 

Despite the fact that the number doesn’t even really resonate with me (didn't I just become legal?) I’m happy to be here – glowing and growing – seeing what this next trip around the sun has in store, and sharing it with this little online community. xx

Details: Dress, Aritzia (similar, cheaper option here) | Sneakers, Adidas.
On Rhe: Romper, Mini Mioche (responsibly made) | Hi-Tops, Converse.

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