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20 Apr 2021

Discussing Climate Change With Children

 Did you know that Maple Leaf is the world's first major carbon neutral food company? If not, well me neither. We aren't meat eaters but I'm very familiar with the Canadian company and am ecstatic that these major players aren't excluding themselves from the responsibility that is climate crisis action.

In honour of Earth Month, Maple Leaf is releasing Climate Change Crayons and an accompanying colouring books to help start the discussion about the threats of our world's future. Instead of the classic crayon colours we know and love, crayon colours include titles like Ocean Green, Sky Orange and Forest Black to name a few. While these colours aren't how we normally associate them with nature, they do reflect what the world could look like if we don't take action soon. Oceans are warming and forests are burning right in front of our eyes and the colours of the world as we know them, could very well not exist for our future generations.

With the Climate Change Crayons and Climate Change Colouring Book we are, quite literally, putting the discussion right in our little ones' hands. By using their every day tools we can spark family conversations about what's happening and how we can do our part to help.

Both the crayons and colouring book were free to parents, courtesy of Maple Leaf while supplies lasted. Update: the physical products have all been claimed but you can still download a printable colouring book and find out more, here.

We can all do our part to keep our little dreamers, artists, and adventurers with a world worth being inspired by.

x, OM


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