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23 Nov 2021

Ethically Made Pajamas For The Season

I don't know when or why it started, but pajamas are a whole thing for the holiday season. Be it cozy winter vibes, a perfect gift or Christmas Eve tradition, pajamas are a commonly marketed thing at this time of the year.

We gift the kids a seasonal pair at both the beginning of Advent (December 1st) as well as on Christmas Eve. I know many people who do one, the other, or both as well and so I've shared a handful of favourites for ethically made, high quality pieces that are sure to last you most the year through or even handed down.

Childhoods Clothing makes my most favourite pair - they now call them separates though. The first year I started the Christmas Eve tradition with our son, I bought him one of their sleepwear sets. It was amazing in quality, and style (the cuffs on both sleeves and ankles could be folded to extend wear). They even made it down to little sister all intact.

Noble is new to us on the sleepwear front. We were gifted a pair for each of the kids from Little Minimalist and can I say wow? They are easily a 10/10, made from a thick waffle that is sure to uphold as well as keep the kids cozy at night. These will probably be my go-to since I can grab them from a Canadian retailer and the above mentioned is usually completely sold out of the sizes I need.

If waffle is your jam, Haven Kids also has a newly launched waffle collection. Versatile enough to mix and match for loungewear's very day use, or pajamas and made locally in west coast Canada.

I do like the idea of versatile sets, that you could layer under snowsuits or snag the top from for casual wearing. KINDLY is another Canadian-based brand offering something within that realm. Their infamous Day/Night Sets seem to be a hit each season and come in a range of rich, neutral hues too. (use code OLIVIA10 or click link for a small savings)

Whistle & Flute is it if you're looking for all the fun and games that sometimes you can only find at big box retailers. Their designs are super cool, unisex, and Kawaii inspired prints or graphics but on soft, sweatshop-free pieces.

Jax & Lennon, is another long time favourite for their ethically, made in Canada bamboo pieces. They routinely carry some sort of sleepwear now but especially at the holidays, it's common that the brand relates a holiday edition pajama for the entire family.

To add yet another Canadian brand to the mix, I'm going to note Lailon's loungewear. Versatile sleepwear/loungewear is always a yes in my books and this is a great option for those who aren't big "pajama" people. This brand is new to us but the kids have loved the softness of their Vancouver made, lounge sets.

Some notable favourites of brands I like but haven't test ran their sleepwear are: Mebie Baby (via minimono), KidWild Organics (via When We Wear Young), Parade Organics (traditional sets at prices comparable to big box) and The Simple Folk (via Little Minimalist).

* wearing the Noble waffle pajamas in Oat and Lailon lounge set linked above, slippers are Alwero teddy slippers from Little Minimalist.

Wishing everyone a snuggly holiday season.

x, OM


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