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13 Apr 2020

WildBird SS20

Say it with me, patterns!

That’s what most stood out to me with WildBird’s latest SS20 collection — the abundance of prints. I’m an obvious neutrals person. I will sway that way 9 time’s out of 10 but always love the way a pattern brings an extra bit of play to a look.
When I saw the Gila print, it immediately reminded me of a gradient painting, with cool neutrals and a muted blue that were subtle enough for a minimal-colour person like myself. I added a black ring despite the softness of the palette, because duh, but anticipate it being styled both edgy and pretty this summer.

I also loved the Sparrow (dreamiest solid colour), it’s similar hue Kingbird (a modal version, which is my next fabric for sure!) and Sunbeam (pattern) but highly suggest having a look through the entire SS20 Collection for yourself.

x, OM


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