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8 Dec 2018

Responsible Brand: Brass Clothing

When it comes to brands and businesses these days, nothing excites me like innovative ideas and even more so — the little details. Which is why I just wanted to do up something quick about what Brass Clothing is doing that’s different than a lot of women’s wear brands and so up my alley, so maybe it’ll be your jam too.

It was agreed upon that I would just share socially about the brand but it didn’t seem fitting to not get more in depth about some of the things they offer you the consumer, because it’s rad!

For starters! Their collections are small capsules. A limited (but worthy) collection of pieces that can all be mixed and match, and together or in combination with pieces already in your wardrobe, can provide too many to count outfit options. They’ve done the work for women already – thinking up, creating, and providing foundational wardrobe elements that cover all of the following; aesthetic, quality, versatility, easy upkeep and closet purpose. On top of all that, they have a hands on relationship with their two reputable factories and have maintained reasonable prices for the average women’s budget. Winning, right?

Something else that’s exceptionally cool and convenient for the consumer is their ‘Clean Out Bag’. What the heck is that, you’re wondering. Well girlfriend, they do it all. A few brands and stores have started implementing similar components and I think it’s absolutely brilliant. A bag is provided for you to purge old items from your closet, to not only make space in your wardrobe for the new but also to take care of the worry or wonder regarding what to do with your items no longer serving you.

I received 3 items from Brass, which I was entirely impressed with: The Utility Dress, The Essential Dress, and The Button Down Blouse — but keeping my wardrobe streamlined AND continuing to work to spread what I consider useful resources, can be conflicting. SO! I want to offer someone else the chance to receive all three pieces as well (brand new condition) because it’s nice to get new things regardless of if you try to live conscious or minimal or on a budget and also, cost factor has been one of the biggest feedbacks I’ve received about shopping conscious retailers and I’d love to provide the opportunity free of any costs. I’ll be be talking and opening this open via Instagram so be sure to look for the post regarding that here.

This post is sponsored by Brass Clothing and is part of the Responsible Brands Series. All views, reviews, and opinions remain entirely my own.

xx, Olivia Murray. 

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