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23 Dec 2018

New Year, New Everything

If you’ve long followed The OM Edit, or former ‘Peeks At Five Ft.’, then you know just how many “adventures” we’ve been on. That’s what I call them — our moves, team changes, free agency, last minute contract signing and everything in between like marriage itself, parenthood... you know.. adventures!

And while we love each new adventure as it comes, we of course have favourites. The next, easily finding it’s way into the top few.

Happy to share that 2019 will bring both a new family member (yay!) and yet another new location/team. We’re super excited to be heading into round two of parenthood as well as the second half of my husband’s athletic career. This spring will simultaneously welcome our second baby and the transition from player to coach — both which we could not be more anxious or ecstatic about.

I cannot wait to see R become a big brother and my husband embrace retirement in a very loaded yet blessed time for our household. We want to thank everyone in advanced (and any prior) for the love, support, well wishes.

Much love and Merry everything!

xx, the Murray Family.

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