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31 Jul 2018

Responsible Brand: Outland Denim

By now you’ve probably seen me, more or less living, in these distressed black skinnies. I can’t help it. They’re basically a staple piece — classic in colour and cut, but trendy enough to funk up my very essential based wardrobe. And I feel good as gold in them because they’re part of a movement towards #ZeroExploitation, something Outland Denim has committed entirely to ensuring with their brand of men and women’s jeans.

I’ve shared before that I have a mad love for jeans. I could live in them. I almost do. But denim is also one of the worst pieces in fashion — as far as ethical, sustainable and environmental friendly practices go. Thankfully however, there are a few brands that are trying to do things differently and Outland is of them. They’re also making a splash all over social media, which is wicked, because responsible fashion SHOULD be cool, trending and widespread.

What’s the deal with the “Zero Exploitation” promise? Outland began when founder, James Bartel, saw first hand how human trafficking works in Asia and learned the positive effects of girls being given a sustainable career path, after being rescued and rehabilitated. Living in jeans himself, he saw a great opportunity to create jobs in crafting one of the most worn items and doing it in a way that cared for the quality of both the product and the lives of those making it. 

Today, they have created a positive and safe work facility for both training and production in Cambodia — where women rescued from trafficking, as well as those at risk of falling into poverty, are provided respectful jobs that promote environmental and human diginity within the fashion industry.

Between that, the great styles and the fact that their products are designed to support the idea of buying better, buying less, and needing to buy less often — this is one of only a couple places I will ever buy jeans from again.

If you’re interested in learning more, this background video is everything! Or check out their full collection of denims here.

Details: Outland Denim ℅ Isabel (washed black) / Oversized Boyfriend Linen / Vagabond, Mules (sold old, similar here).

This post is in collaboration with Outland Denim and part of the ‘Responsible Brands Series’. All opinions are that of my own.

Xx, Olivia.

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