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3 Jul 2018

Carnaval Del Sol, Vancouver

The universe has a funny way of working, doesn’t it? This will be Rhe’s first summer in Canada, not in Latin America. And while we are loving our new chapter in Vancouver, it almost doesn’t feel right. Seriously – this kid was made for living at the equator. But the biggest Latin American Festival in the entire PNW, Carnaval del Sol, just so happens to be held right here. Fitting isn’t it?

This year’s main event will take place from July 7th to the 8th and seriously, you’re not going to want to miss it. (TICKETS HERE)

Admittedly, we wouldn’t miss this because it’s become a part of us — especially Rhe, as that’s what he knows as much as he knows anything else — however I’m super excited to not only be attending but also promoting/covering the festival (read: eating all food, doing all the dances, dare I say breaking all the piñatas?)

There will be no shortage of exhibits, food venues, participation encouraged activities and performances but for anyone bringing the niños, here’s what’s up.

Everything family friendly here; including musical performances, dance shows, a fashion show from international designer Tony Sequera, and Cuban-Canadian DJ ‘DJ Sanchez’. Happenings are scheduled until 7pm so there’s sure to never be a dull moment.

This will definitely be a hit, with an entire weekend of scheduled happenings such as puppet shows, magic, piñata making (sign me up), piñata breaking (sign the boys up), mad science and more. Numerous events require registration so be sure to check out the schedule here and sign up for something in advanced — likely going to sign R up for the Piñatas Workshop, Sounds by Mad Science, and/or Magnetic Magic because that has “boys who love to touch everything” all over it.

There will also be a baby care area for anyone managing mixed age children (or even just with a baby) which is perfect for entertaining the youngest one while siblings take a class or catch a performance like Art Balloon, Creative Cha Cha Cha’s puppet show (30 minutes).

This isn’t just about the littles though. One thing I learned from our time in some of these countries was that the celebrations are inclusive to everyone of all ages, genders, or social status and this festival is no different. See a full list of the festival’s plazas *here* but the other areas I anticipate touching in on are the Arts Plaza – which I’m for sure dragging the boys through, a Health & Wellness Plaza – that I can only assume my husband will spend most of his time at, and the spot of all spots is going to be the Food Plaza for sure – because if you haven’t tried some of the Latin countries’ food, you haven’t lived.

Either way, for $2 general admission, it would be a shame to pass up on some cultural fun in the beautiful outdoor environment of the city. Find other ticket options including festival super-passes, prices, and admission to other related events here. And if you’re planning on going or even decide to last minute, be sure to shoot me a DM so we can share a drink (or vegan bite, because Brazilian stand ‘The Vegan Bite Company’ exists!)

This post is in collaboration with Carnaval Del Sol.
All statements and ideas are that of my own.

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