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11 Jun 2018

Responsible Brand: Vetta Capsule

For all you minimalist or striving minimal babes, today’s brand is an absolute treat. Not only is it a responsible brand, but it comes out in mini capsule collections of pieces that can and do mix-and-match entirely with one another. Read on for my overview of Vetta Capsule and how I styled 2-pieces, different ways.

I was so lucky that when I was in contact with Vetta Capsule, they were just about to release a surprise summer capsule and offered me to pick a couple pieces. A long time fan and insta-groupie of theirs, I was so excited to get my hands on their newest collection, ‘The Casual Capsule’ as it launched. I received The Cropped Flutter Tee and The Peg Pant (which many of you have asked about numerous times in my stories) and I’m totally obsessed with both pieces, as I am for pretty much anything they ever put out. 

What I absolutely love about their pieces is that each one was made with quality and versatility at the forefront. No matter if you choose a single item, or buy an entire mini capsule (discounted as a collection) you’re guaranteed a piece made to last, to interchangeably pull together any outfit, and to be highly versatile.

The Flutter Tee for example, can be worn frontwards or back — with one side dawning a deep-v cit neck, that’s fun and playful and he other way with a high almost boatneck style cut which has more of a modern elegance type vibe and infirm showcasing an open back. The tee is American made (Los Angeles) and composed of 100% organic cotton, which are both wins in my book.

The Peg Pant is also staple worthy! It’s a high-waisted, thick cotton twill pant that truly ups any outfit, dressy or otherwise. These have the possibility to be styled as you would any pair or jeans, but are also meeting/work/event appropriate. The pants feature a high-waist, streamline cut, and removable tie belt. They are made in a family-owned and operated in NYC (transparency details regarding the factories here) of 98% GOTS certified cotton (what is that?) and 2% spandex. I absolutely love these however, on a personal note: they are not quite as cropped on my petite frame as pictured online (for reference I’m about 5’2”) and do require the occasional roll of a lint brush, but nothing high maintenance by any standards.

You can view the entire ‘Casual Capsule’ which consists of 5 pieces total (3 others including a jumpsuit that is to die for, a multi-see tyle shirt, and convertible shift) or all past capsules and pieces here.

I love that Vetta Capsule not only uses responsible resources and in-country manufacturing, but that they are committed to putting out limited piece capsules versus keeping up with the trends, that can also provide streamlined wardrobe guidance for anyone who just can’t seem to get the hang of it. They’re also dedicated to transparency, not just talking the talking — providing consumers ample information on their fabrics, factories and manufacturing, and even the often forgotten details such as packaging and shipping materials (all of that here).

This is a brand I would recommend to any client I ever work with and you will continue to see me wear, share and support, for the every detail that has gone into building such a thoughtful collective of work. 

Look #1:
Flutter Tee ℅ Vetta / Peg Pant ℅ Vetta / Mules, personal.

Look #2:
Blouse, personal / Peg Pant ℅ Vetta / Sandals, personal.

Look #3:
Flutter Tee ℅ Vetta / Wedgie Jeans, personal / Mules, personal.

This is a sponsored post. This is a brand I was truly a fan and customer of prior to any social shares. All views and opinions remain that of my own.

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