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6 Jul 2018

Plastic Free July: The Big Four

Minimizing plastic use might just be the most common and widespread, environmental effort or message occurring right now. And it just so happens to be ‘Plastic Free Month’ (every July) so there’s an extra push underway right now, inspiring people to make a change.

At this point, everyone (everyone right?) knows single use water bottles are just trash, in more ways than one, leading to an urge to stop using them and a spike in reusable water bottles on the market. But there are actually 4 major single use plastics to avoid – that can be an easily made contribution, making a significant impact. I’ve listed the four below and alternatives that are both chic and easy on the bank account. 

Single Use Water Bottles:

Swap your annoying, crinkly water bottle for something that can withstand many uses. We love S’well for example, because it not only cuts out the single use issue but are also super functional with retaining temperature and come in an abundance of colour options, so you can pick something as wild as your personality or as sleek as your wardrobe. Try: S’well 9 oz. for littles, or S’well Tumblers for to-go cup alternatives and sharing.

Plastic Straws:

This is one that Vancouver has made a city-wide push for, not offering them / requiring you to have to request one. Swapping them for a reusable like glass or metal (my personal choice because, toddler) is a super easy way to help out our oceans and their delicate eco-systems. They also looks super polished and once you make the switch, you’ll probably never want to go back. Try: Stainless Steel Straws.

Grocery Bags:

Consider swapping store bags for your own, when making grocery and market runs. Like I said with the straws, once you switch, you won’t want to go back. Reusable grocery bags are such a wide spread availability now that you can really get them in just about any kind or style. From cute canvas totes, to bread bags, produce bags, or for bulk goods – reusable never looked so pinterest worthy. Try: Dans Le Sac’s canvas grocery and food bags. Mason jars and old containers are great, free options, for bulk food runs and grocery retailers often sell their own cheaper bags or bins (great for larger shops). 

Coffee Cups:

Upgrade your coffee cup with a reusable lid or, or something with one. While some cups are recyclable and/or biodegradable, many are lined with properties that actually don’t break down. But what’s worse is the plastic caps, which are up there in garbage contribution to plastic bottles. I finally bit the bullet and got my household (including Rheo) onto KeepCup. Try: KeepCup Cork Edition for cafe experience, on the go. Friendlier on the bank account? Make the time to have your coffee in, whenever possible.

A few other areas, worth considering are:

• Bringing your own containers and saying no to plastic cutlery when ordering TAKEOUT, or dining in instead.
• Swapping PLASTIC WRAP for something like beeswax wrap.
• Replacing your next TOOTHBRUSH with one with a bamboo handle.
• When possible, choose the glass container over the PLASTIC PACKAGES at food and beauty retailers.

It can be hard to entirely eliminate plastic, because our world has become so accustomed and dependent on using the cheap product for both manufacturing and convenience, but making a few choices where possible, makes a difference too. 

Every piece of plastic ever made, still exists somewhere.


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