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31 May 2018

Why I Encourage My Kid To Risk Falling Down

It’s not what it sounds like — not exactly, at least. 

I don’t encourage him to go fall down (duh!) but more and more I’m encouraging him and allowing him to do or try activities that I’m confident he may just have a few falls at. I don’t stop him from falling. I don’t make him fearful of falling. I let him fall. And what I wanted him to learn from that was that, we do fall and that’s okay. But what I didn’t expect get was just how good he would get with falling.

This past spring, R had requested a skateboard. After sharing this on social media, I got a ton of comments about him “only” being two and “but he’s so small”. I was SO surprised. I tell my husband this as well, he’s two, not “only two” but two! And capable. And willing. And for the most part, pretty fearless. Until someone decides to tell him otherwise.

We got the skateboard. He fell. He falls, to be more accurate. He’s still falling. But he’s a pro. He’s taught himself how to fall better — yes, you read that right and I was surprised too, at the sight of a falling technique being established. And he’s also taught himself, with help and encouragement from us of course, how to get up after falling. He’s very quick to tell us “I’m okay, it’s not a big deal” now. And while it might seem it in the first 30 seconds following, it usually isn’t in the bigger picture. Much like life. And while I want him to reap EVERY SINGLE SECOND of being a child, one day he won’t be. And this, to me, seems like a child friendly way to implement a later necessary, lesson.

So, I know it bothers some people to see him in my stories on a skateboard but that's my take on it? To know how to stand up, you have know what being down is first.


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