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1 Mar 2018

Little & Lively (Giveaway)

You could be new around here and probably still figure out my love for essentials — wardrobe, kitchen, beauty. And when it comes to children’s item, the same applies. 

I’ll spare you the long and detailed with all that and keep it to the point. It’s hard enough being a parent these days. Everywhere you turn there are too many choices, (new) rules, advertisements. Keeping up with it all can be ridiculously consuming. That’s why I have wholeheartedly adopted the “buy better, buy less” idea even in my choices as a parent. 

Applying that mindset to Rhe’s wardrobe was the best thing I could’ve ever done. I want to trust where I put my dollar, that it’s going towards something responsible and safe, well made and durable (moms usually know best), and if it can be sustainable or ethical? Even better. Which is why I have a major love for small or independent businesses, including Little & Lively.

I’ve been a long time fan and follower of the brand, needless to say I was way excited when they reached out about their family line, The Kindred Clothing Co. I swore I wouldn’t be “that mom” but really, that turned out to be a lie. Of course I want to match my babe while he’ll still tolerate me. And they made it totally doable, boy mom and all, despite my picky list of checks I look for in his/our clothing. 

If you haven’t already caught wind, I was so happy they offered the chance to give one of my followers/readers a $50 credit to either sites (entry post here) and you can double that entry by signing up here. Truthfully, I never appreciated these things quite so much until I really got my hands on some quality things and now, there’s no turning back. I’d love for this to be your introduction or if it’s already your jam – help you get lucky! So be sure to enter by Sunday at noon (12 PST/3 EST), as winner will selected by Sunday night.

** Seriously! I have as little free hands as you, so don’t worry, you won’t get spammed. 
Just the goods, such as this giveaway and occasional updates.

You'll see more of these pieces soon, for inspiration and as for all entrants — good luck.

Xo, Olivia.


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