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29 Jan 2018

Life Lately, Lessons From Our Children

It’s so funny, all the things a child can come up with to ask. Often the answers are redundant to us because we forget even having ever learned them. But there is one topic in particular, Rhe is really fond of, that does have me fooled. Tomorrow!

How do you explain what tomorrow is? How do you breakdown a time in space that on a child’s level of understanding, never comes. I tried but once to explain that today was the “tomorrow” we talked about at bedtime. Yesterday. “It’s tomorrow now mommy?” And with that, I realized how stupid he must think I am. Not to mention the fact that he scolded me that it wasn’t tomorrow. Tomorrow is tomorrow.

While he gladly moved on because conversations only last so long, my own moment of adult thoughts got going on the idea that to a child tomorrow never comes and as an adult – we often have to think that, what if it really didn’t? Who’s schooling who now, right? But I appreciated it and we (adults) have been reiterating the reality that “life is short” a lot since than.

And as for Rheo, keeping at mind the idea that: today is the childhood our kids will remember.

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