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19 Jan 2018

Mom Duty, Athleisure

I knew since the day we even spoke of being parents that I didn’t want to be the sloppy, gave up on life, miserable about myself — mother. I knew there would be changes and as much as I believe the whole ‘baby will adapt to your life’ idea (meet my son, the professional flyer) I also think we can only push against the inevitable so much, without actually causing ourself more work. Cue sneakers! 

I kid you not, I had one pair of sneakers that came out at best, bi-annually. I didn't so much as own a backpack since mid-high school. And I was never concerned in the least about tightness in fit. Now, you can catch me on any given day in oversized clothing, paired with sneakers (although still not my favourite, two requires them) and at all times with a backpack. In my defence, Fawn Design's diaper bags are too cool and one of, if not thee, most functional diaper bag on the market (perfect compartments, zips, hooks and multiple straps for different carrying styles — however, I always opt for backpack because it's easiest). 

It took me some time to find a happy balance between my prior personal style and my functional parenting style but I think I've finally gotten to a place I can handle. Thank you athleisure for still being a thing, and Olsen twins for making any slightly disheveled outfit acceptable. 

Details: Pants, Lululemon (similar, here) | Long Sleeve, GAP | Sneakers (old) similar here and here | Diaper Bag, Fawn Design.

xx, Olivia.

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