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19 Dec 2017

All Wrapped Up

Winter is most definitely here (at least if you’re a fellow Canadian it sure is). Christmas is only days away. 
And it’s safe to say the madness of the the holiday season is ever so much underway. We’ve been simultaneously wrapping presents and packing suitcases like it’s nobody’s business.

Oh yes, we are once again (this isn’t the first time) moving at the holidays and quite frankly it’s – I’m sorry, but – stupid! Despite things being upside down in our house and schedules right now, we’ve been trying not to get wrapped up in the unnecessary, that often comes with this time of year. We implemented a new tradition to-be, with The Giving Manger, in efforts to stretch our holiday outreach more than before (read that post here). We’ve been playing songs about the real Christmas story and choosing slow evenings of baking, snuggles, and holiday films instead of spending them at the mall or glued to a screen in search of the “perfect gift” a hundred times over.

This really is my most favourite time of the year, so I’ve been trying to remain grateful for all that we do have instead of dwelling on the bad timing of things that haven’t gone our way (it’s already been a long basketball season y’all).

“The magic of Christmas never ends, and it’s greatest of gifts are family and friends.”

Details: Most of these items are from previous seasons, because yay for capsule wardrobe.
But you can shop my looks and current wardrobe pieces here.


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