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10 Dec 2017

The Giving Manger

The holidays are fun. They really are. But I’ve found that there was a period of time where they lost the magic a little. Don’t get me wrong – I still looked forward to it and opted into every festivity as possible but it was more about the presents and the parties. Then we became parents! And almost instantly it became magical again. 

A whole other factor of joy that comes with the onset of the holidays is watching R experience them. This will be his third Christmas, but it might as well be his first the way he’s taking it all in. Understanding a little more than before. Speaking about it on his own. Recognizing signs and symbols of the holiday. Priceless.

One thing we’ve implemented this season is The Giving Manger, and it couldn’t be at a better time. Now that he’s starting to take it all in, it’s a good time for starting him young on the true meaning of the holidays. Religious or otherwise, the holidays aren’t about getting (a cliche that’s been beat with use – I know) but rather about giving and celebrating what we already have. 

Ever since our second stint living in South America, we’ve been talking about circumstances with Rheo. Although a hard concept for children to entirely understand, you’d be surprised. We talk about people who "don't have" and how we can share if we "do have", be it a toy at play group or food for someone on the street. I love The Giving Manger because we can extend this lesson with the theme of the holidays. 

Featuring a baby Jesus, an empty manger, a supply of hay and a story about the background of the activity – The Giving Manger has been a fun way to promote even more acts of holiday kindness. For every deed done, children get to add to the manger with the idea that come Christmas, Jesus should rest on a bed full of hay. 

Rheo was obsessed as soon as he saw the baby but he’s been loving the excitement and anticipation of getting to fill up after he’s done good. Given his age, we’ve kept the acts and services to simple sentiments that have included; using our manners/please and thank yous, sharing our snacks, donating non-perishable foods, and giving to our local library. We’re also planning some more fun filled ones like making cards for the seniors home around the way, and baking treats to handout to friends and family. 

I know they sold out this year (which is wicked!) but you can still participate in the movement by downloading their service suggestions here or even coming up with those of your own. It’s doubled as both a sweet sentiment and decoration in our household this year, so I’m hoping more of you can get your hands on a set next season.

We make a living by what we get. 
But we make a life by what we give. 
– Sir Winston Churchill


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