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30 Nov 2017

Tobi Collaboration x Oversized Denim

Teddy coats, culottes, see-through boots, latex one-pieces, the return of flared jeans. All trends I couldn’t jump on (cute and all) for the sheer fact that they are predictably short term fads that will clog my striving minimal closet at some point and then in turn be thrown away money. There is however one trend I can handle and it's this.

The oversized jacket – be it denim, khaki, whatever. I feel like there’s so much room to play with varied stylings within that one piece, that it doesn’t matter if it’s the “must have” piece of the season or not. This one here is from TOBI. I was excited when they reached out to collaborate because I love to explore what boutiques have to offer. I picked this aviation denim jacket for reasons stated above and because denim anything, has long been a staple in my wardrobe for it’s mix-and-match capabilities. As much as I love tailored outerwear, I like this piece because I'm a layering addict come the cold weather and this gives much room for that.

I can’t wait to style it up a little but it also doubled as a good piece for the more casual day, especially with it's longer cut and boyish shape being super "mom friendly" (there's no holding me back from leggings now).

Details: Jacket | Striped Tee | Skinnies | Diaper Bag

I have two other cute pieces I can’t wait to show you guys from more of TOBI’s selection, so stay tuned and in the meanwhile you can check them out, or get browsing yourself, here


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