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12 Oct 2017

Linen Pants, Sustainable & Sartorial

I shared recently my love for linen pants (but linen anything for that matter). While I'm a self proclaimed denim lover, there comes a time where you need something a little elevated in your closet. I've long loved the look and crispness of linen made clothing, something about it always so carefree yet still very much put together.

I was already sold on the aesthetics of almost any linen pant or blouse I had ever seen, but my appreciation was about to be upped. As my interest in sustainable living grew, I started seeking what other areas I could make changes in as well. You know where this is going, don't you? I found out that linen requires minimal production energy (8%) in comparison to the likes of many other fabrics, including the often poorly made polyester and to little surprise, denim.

So incase I didn't already fancy a well tailored, breezy linen piece, I was obsessed now. When I saw these drapey cropped pants, I knew that I had to have them. I'm not a colour fan by any stretch of the imagination, but this tone was pretty and soft enough to stay minding it's business, while posing something a little different than the black and denim I wore on the regular.

If you're worried about sustainable fashion, or working towards a capsule wardrobe (read here) a linen pant is a definite contender. I like to pair mine with sandals or mules at the moment - seasonally transitional and casual yet chic, but you could easily dress it up with a button down and heel for the office or formal event. With much versatility, I'm working these into all seasons. (Adding darker accents makes for a less summery look, given the purple tone of pant but a more neutral pant would blend seamlessly in any season).

As per usual, you can find more of my capsule wardrobe content over on instagram,
or under the "conscious living" category of the blog.

Details: Linen Pants (lighter, darker, similar) | Tank Top | Mules.
Both my diaper bag and R's mini backpack are from, Fawn Design.


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