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29 Sept 2017

JORD Watches & Cherishing Time

Time never seemed to escape us so fast until we welcome R into our lives. Sure, our days were busy, but they lacked a significance and demand we could never know without becoming parents. With our combination of less than normal careers, our schedules don't always align so perfectly. But with some effort, we've come to find a way to make sure there is time for the necessary, time for family, and time for each other.

JORD Watches couldn't have reached out for partnership at a better time (no pun intended). My husband's birthday and start of season was nearing, I was flooding my agenda with commitments big and small, and we had a toddler who seemed to have more of a social life than we did. It was the perfect reminder, amidst off-season carelessness, that time was and kind of always is, of the essence.

I decided to take the opportunity to share the sustainably crafted pieces they had to offer as well as some time management tips for those who seem to have everything to do and nothing in the way of time.

Own your calendar, so your calendar doesn't own you.
Curate a morning ritual. (see my post on bettering your mornings)
Make schedules and lists, with set but attainable deadlines.
Prioritize and limit your priorities.
Be effective with the time spent on to-do's.
Minimize distractions (de-clutter, keep things in their place).
Categorize your time: work time, family time, parent time, quiet time, etc.
Set limitations for time grabbers (social media, television, cell phone).

My husband is wearing the Frankie, Koa & Ash watch. One that I could see myself stealing from time to time, with it's genderless colour and my love for chunkier time pieces. JORD does however have a whole collection specially for women. I opted to have my husband receive the watch because it's always resonated as the perfect dad gift to me. As mothers, we often take on the caretaker role and fathers, the fun havers and trouble makers. But from the outside looking in, I've come to appreciate watching my boys get up to mischief. The days are long but the years truly are are short, and witnessing their relationship flourish, remains one of the best gifts - the least we could do is gift him a symbol of that cherished time.

With their refined design and raw material composition, their luxury all natural watches make for the perfect (guilt free) gift. I wanted to help you in spoiling yourself or someone you love, so we're giving you chance to do just that with a giveaway of $100 to use towards the product of your choice, site wide.

To enter, simply click here and fill in your contact information.
Contest will run through to 10/8/2017. Good luck everyone!

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