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5 Sept 2017

Memo Bottle

On the path to living simpler, I've been seeking more natural ways to tackle both beauty and wellness. No matter what I seek, read, or learn one consistent remains. Water! Better skin? Drink more water. Eliminate headaches? Drink more water. Combat bloating? Drink more water. Simple. Except I hate water drinking and the look of clunky water bottles. That's why my new favourite accessory is one consisting of both prettiness and practicality. 

I've been toting my Memo Bottle just about everywhere since it arrived in the mail and have received endless compliment and questions about it's design, if it was a flask (because that's totally normal), and how unique it's look is. I love the design not only because it's sleek and clean but also because I've been able to bring it everywhere because of it's notebook-like shape. While all the products are perfectly designed with compact size, I opted for the A6 which is of the smaller available - fitting into your pocket or handbag (slides perfectly into the front pocket of our diaper bag as well as into a crossbody purse) and still holding 375 ml of liquid.

When you purchase a bottle, it comes also with two interchangeable caps (in black and white) but they also have new products (all of which I also love) including accessories coming soon and currently available through their kickstarter. I can't rave enough about the company and it's positive impact on the world, that I'm waiting for the new products to launch so I can get our friends and family onboard, changing the game away from single use water bottles.

We only have two places to live our whole lives, our body and the world, so let's take care of them both with one simple action. Join the #onebottlemovement today!


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