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4 Oct 2017

5 Converse You Should Consider

I think it's pretty safe to say that Converse are a, never going out of style, shoe. After all, they did start out as basketball shoe and have managed to find their way into the closets of people alike or not for years since. But if your social feeds are anything like mine, they're flooded with cute moms in the classic low-top white all stars. Don't get me wrong, cute they most definitely are, but styles and colorways offered by Converse go much past that.

So, despite the urge to have what everyone on instagram has, here's 5 other options worth considering.

Hi-Top Black & White - I love these because they're edgy but still classic in the sense that they've been around since the beginning and the colour is an easy match with most things. I also love a good hi-top for the cooler weather.

Low-Top Black On Black - These might possibly be my favourite of all. But duh, I love black. I just really like the monotone of these because it gives a different feel - almost less sneakery without the white toes and detailing. Like, if there is was such a thing as a chic converse, this would be it. Hi-top version of the colorway, here.

Plush Suede Dust Pink - Ever seen a suede Converse? Because they totally exist and they're lavish. These ones? So feminine. I can't handle the cuteness (or softness). Not about that suede life? 
I also love these dust pink/rose gold version of the classic all-star.

Converse x Comme Des Garçons - Proof that coming together is rad. This collaboration might be one of the funkiest all-star styles, up there with the painted (which are hard to come by). I love the simplicity of the design, while still bringing a playful aspect to the shoe with Comme's signature red heart symbol. Available in both low and hi-top.

One Star Prime - If you like the look of the love it or hate it, Golden Goose Superstar, then you might appreciate this Converse version that's a little simpler with a price to match. With a clean cut, leather upper and thick gum-like sole, this is easily an every day/every outfit shoe for the spontaneous who still appreciates something classic looking.

I'm all in favour of brands that are tried, true, and never going out of style but have a little fun with it.
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