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29 Jun 2017

Life Lately

The content has been a little slow around here because, if you follow along on other platforms, you know that we up and moved to South America (again - you know the drill). While being here doesn't come with a shortage of content to cover, we've been slowly adjusting as well as mostly soaking in our son's experience with travelling. The style posts will be far and few between until coming home for a few reasons; the climate is a lot different and it's also not ideal to have some of your personal items out and about here (certain jewellery, wardrobe pieces, and the camera we normally use to shoot outfit and details).

We're loving the simplicity of life while here though. The days are easy, nobody ever seems to be in a rush - in fact it's shockingly the extreme opposite, and you're forced to do a lot of things old school (i.e.; cooking and laundry). I've got a lot of questions about some of the lifestyle changes which I always try to respond to or affirm in my Instagram stories but I will also try to round them all up and do a post on the reoccurring ones.

One question I've received a lot pertains to photos or videos with Rheo bathing in the sink and if we have a bath/shower here? Laughing out loud. Yes, of course! We actually have two showers, but no tub. Rheo isn't exactly a fan so if I want to clean him without a fight, I put him in the sink where he has plenty of room for play and where I can also multi-task as it's in our mud room.

Aside from a lot of sunshine, playing and food tasting, we have in fact been getting work done (I swear!) My husband is deep into his season's schedule and although the game load is heavy, Rheo and I are loving all the action we're getting to witness - home games are a lot of fun and the fans are both really friendly and passionate. Despite the blog action being slow since our departure, I've been working feverishly on some new ventures myself as well as finessing the coming collection for Mae Jack Collective.

If you have any questions or things you would love to know about, have me answer, or cover while we are here drop them in the inbox or direct message on instagram and I will answer them all in a cumulative post. Links for clothing and product included in this post are provided below. Until next time, happy living.

White Lace-Up Tee (under $40) // White Skinny Jeans // Lace-Up Ballet Flats // Sunnies.

Mini Mioche, Bath Toys // Honest Bubble Bath (our absolute favourite) // Honest Body Wash // Honest Sunscreen // 5-Panel Cap // Striped Bamboo Tee // Humankind, Be Both tee // Wooden Toy Camera.


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