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12 Jun 2017

Curate Better Mornings

Mornings! How many people hate them? There's a chance every time you get on social media before noon, someone's posted something anti-mornings or of having had a bad one. Me? I kind of like mornings. Pretty much have since my adult years, except for that time I had a nursing newborn who ate every two hours, morning and night. But that was a short exception.

What I love most about mornings, is that statistically, it's proven to set your entire day. That doesn't mean you're unable to have a decent day if your morning was sh*t, but a successful and smooth morning increases your chances of a day that follows suit (positive vibes, productivity, a better outlook). As someone who, as I said, found a love for mornings, I'm sharing my tips and tricks to make it a better part of your days.

Wake up earlier: How much earlier depends on what you want to do with your morning but wake up earlier than you currently are, to allow for extra prep time, room for error or delays, heck - even time to just lay in bed and feel like you got to "do nothing".

Natural light over screen light: Instead of starting your day with half opened eyes starring at your phone, open the drapes and let the light in. Sunlight automatically makes us feel happier and naturally more awake. If you've got work or school to attend, starting your day on your phone is also an easy way to loose track of time.

Prepare the night before: Have laid out or know in your mind what it you want to wear come morning. It also doesn't hurt to have your coffee maker preset to start at a certain time, or your hot drink of preference's ingredients out and ready. Not having to make too many decisions lowers your chances of getting frustrated with them and leading to negative feelings right off the top of your day. Be prepared the night before also helps you stay on track time wise, which is always a winner.

Breakfast and water: A healthy meal in the morning kickstarts your metabolism! I know you're feeling excited about that. Not only are there a long list of health benefits to breakfast but it all fuels you up for the day ahead, making sure you don't feel lagging and without energy. Water? Same deal. Also, cold water is known to wake the body up.

Make the bed. Sounds like something a mother would say, right? I don't suggest it for nagging reasons, rather seeing a made bed (well laid out room) makes you feel accomplished before you even really have to accomplish anything legitimate.

Music. Whether it's fun and upbeat or more laid back and uplifting, listening to something that makes you feel good, motivated, or at ease with starting the day is the right choice. Sing along, get your heart pumping, or just enjoy it the background of your routine.

Small indulge (coffee, mag, social feed). A small part of the day, with a big impact. Everyone likes to feel like they've been treated and that doesn't have to be a big ordeal or even come fro someone else. Whatever your fix is, make time for it (given it's early hour friendly) each morning. For a lot of people, that's a coffee. For me it is as well accompanied by an editorial type of print or often when I scroll through my social feed and find something that makes me smile.

Don't be late. Nothing, seriously nothing! - ruins the tranquil of a well done morning like being late. You're stressed, you're rushing, you're probably mad at someone if not yourself. Make an effort to leave 5-10 minutes earlier even, to prevent the downfall after working so hard to start the day off on the right foot.

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Here's to a good morning and happy Monday.


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