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25 Feb 2017

Brands We Love: Os & Oakes

Rheo's begun attending toddler extra curriculars. Given the fact that this generally consists of running around or squirming even when he is supposed to be sitting still, along with the timing they occur, I want him to be cozy. Not that he ever wears anything "uncomfortable", I'm always looking to put him in extra play-promoting pieces.

Os & Oakes is my absolute favourite thing to put Rheo in for anything from playgroup and adventures, to running errands or travelling. It's on trend enough to be worked into your 'outfit of the day' but also ridiculously comfortable. Mama designed and manufactured with high quality materials - every single piece in the line is a win. It's also based out of my Ontario hometown, so bonus points if you like to shop local or support small business.

Details: Catch Me Tee (layered) // Leggings // To-Go Bag // Pullover // Timberlands.

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