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2 Feb 2017

Mini Style: Suspenders Done Casual

It's not hard to figure out, I put my experience in fashion and love for style into my most passion filled project: motherhood. I truly appreciate style even outside of women's. I'm constantly staying up to date on men's street style and love finding fashion brands for the more miniature style mavens. But, I'm also the biggest advocate for letting children be just that. Children. I don't think that clothing should ever take away from childhood, therefore it should be three things: comfortable, moveable, and durable (heavens knows no piece stays clean past a day in our household). 

That's why, when I pick out pieces, I try to choose things that are versatile - easily dressed up or down. I got these suspenders originally, for a Hallowe'en costume that never happened. I decided to keep them for church and formal occasions. However, Rheo loves them. He'll bring them to me often when he sees me picking out his clothes. I figured why not and styled them with some classic Converse, for a play friendly casual look.

Here, they're paired with cords (which are currently marked down to $10, so woo!) and a longline tee because that's what he was already wearing but they also look very casual-chic with denim and a Chelsea boot.

Details: Top (Mini Mioche) // Suspenders (H&M) // Cords (Zara) // Sneaks (Converse).

XO, Olivia Murray.
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