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27 Feb 2017

Navy + Camel

I'm a die hard, neutrals person. This is a step up from my once, monochromatic wardrobe. But occasionally, a certain shade of colour finds it way, camouflaging in. Right now that colour is blue. Particularly that rich, deep navy and of course - denim of all shades.

Last month, I got this perfect navy tote and have been dying to give it some fresh air. I love that it added some sort of colour (in my mind) but doesn't scream rainbow, especially given it picks up the muted blues weaved into the pattern of my blanket scarf. Can't wear black with navy, says who?

Motherhood note. Lately we can't go anywhere, and I'm not joking, I mean a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e, without a basketball. Mind you, the one seen here is his larger of the collection, we usually don't get out of the house, through the grocery store, or even in the bath without. Because R's becoming so much more mobile and active (read: crazy) I've been putting him in more athleisure so to speak looks. How cute are mimicked adult street styles though?

Details: entire exact pieces or comparable if no longer available, are linked and stoppable via Shop Style here. (Rheo): Jacket // Pullover, (similar) // Joggers // Creepers (old, Nike).

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