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19 Dec 2016

Home Grown Books (Collaboration )

We're lucky enough to have worked with Home Grown Books before and I was thrilled when they reached out to us again, to have Rheo both receive and review their newest hardcover, 'An Alphabet In Bloom' before public availability. 

Familiar with their work, I had already expected something high in creativity and bursting with a unique perspective. I wasn't let down but it was definitely all that and even more than my expectations.

There are endless alphabet books on the market. I know! We live in bookstores. But this is probably, the hands down, coolest and most one-off version you could ever get your hands on.

Composed entirely of bold, colourful illustrations - the books takes you on a journey from A to Z without the use of words or letters. Each page holds images (some of which even stumped us parents in finding) that start with the corresponding letter. Not only is it intriguing for R's young senses, but holds longevity as it can pose a search-and-find book for children at an older age. 

My husband and I got a laugh out of reading it, as we struggled to figure out all the images in the first few reads. We absolutely love this book and highly suggest it for the budding little artistic and creative-type parent. The book is available NOW online at!

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XO, Olivia Murray.

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