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5 Jan 2017

Athleisure + Polette Eyewear

Prior to motherhood, I had a couple pairs of flats and one pair of sneakers that nobody ever saw. I was fully convinced that it was fine and unnecessary because I hadn't yet experienced a toddler on the move. Well, my footwear has expanded and I've finally found a way to work it into my style without feeling like a fanny-pack wearing mom.

I kept my basics as usual; skinnies, chunky knit, and jacket but paired the sneakers with some matching Nike runner's gloves and a toque to give it a more athleisure feel and make it entirely practical for running errands. After all, when a toddler naps, you haul a** to get things done in silence with the time you're given.

This is definitely going to be a reoccurring look taking on 2017 an R's continued growth. After all, there's a style for every day and occasion when majoring in motherhood. 

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XO, Olivia Murray.

Sunglasses have been provided by Polette Eyewear.

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