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15 Dec 2016

It Takes A Family

Recently, I've come across a few articles or videos discussing "chores" with children. Personally? I'm all for it. I know, it has a negative sound to it, "training your child to do chores," but I look at it more as "teaching our child how to be an active part of our home and family." It's safe to say with my view on that topic, that Rheo uses his two feet and a heartbeat to do just that.

Below, I'm sharing the ways and areas we can, and do, incorporate responsibilities for our little humans that are both safe and reasonable (even a little fun).

Groceries - Both in the store and at home, Rheo helps load food products into the basket, unbag/unbox, and put away. While his 2 foot stature doesn't allow him to do a ton, he gets a lot of entertainment out of trying to squeeze all the vegetables into the same crisper in the fridge. 

Laundry - Probably the most fun of errands, although it takes 3 times as long with his assistance. At bath, bed, or dressing time, Rheo's in charge of tossing his own clothes into his hamper. Come laundry doing, he's a very happily aggressive worker in stuffing the clothes into the machine. Since making the switch to Seventh Generation laundry line, we feel safe letting him carry the detergent bottle or hayndle putting the fabric softener in the dryer. (Most amazing scents, we're currently using the blue lavender and it's life).

Tidying - The day's end calls for a cleanup, mostly Rheo's things, so it only makes sense. Bath and bedroom toys all have organized containers that he can easily return his things to. I cheer him on as we (he's not Cinderella here) clean, which usually results in him clapping for himself as well. 

Cleaning - Still a mostly unrealistic area because he's so young, we've tried to show him when he makes a mess (drop, spill, etc.) that it has to be cleaned. Outcome? An obsessed paper towel user and dedicated wiper upper. Tip: paper towel is both recyclable and/or compostable. We also started testing out paper towels, again, from Seventh Generation. Not feeling so bad that Rheo's always on using them. Not to mention, they're durable enough for multiple uses.

Cooking - Anything kitchen related started out a hopeful disaster. The ingredients were either getting snacked on, put in the sink, added too soon, or spilled. But! We are still doing it because it's been getting a little (now a lot, aside from the flailing cooking utensils) better every day.

Disposal - When there are safe, small items for the garbage (diaper, scraps) or most of all items for the blue bin (recyclable papers, boxes, plastics - no tins because they often have sharp edges) Rheo is quite voluntarily on the job.

I'm very realistic with the fact that the day may very well come, where he'll be less willing to do "chores" with us, I hope that eventually it will be instilled in him that we all play a part in things running smoothly; the home, the environment (choose green), everything.

"It is not our job to keep our children forever, but to teach them how to soar on their own." – Unknown

XO, Olivia Murray.


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