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1 May 2016

Living In Detail

Truth be told, I've been wearing glasses for nearly a decade (which has been a definite on and off love affair). A few years ago I began wearing contacts, mostly for convenience. I need to wear glasses while driving and although I need them for distance period, I tried to squeak by at work, in line at the coffee shop, and just about everywhere else without having to. Contacts made it easier. I just always had them in and didn't have to squint. But with my eyes changing during pregnancy (trust me, it's real) I hadn't been wearing either for some time. Post-delivery, I decided I should probably get back to a life without creating crow's feet or headaches. If you've ever witnessed my child in the flesh, you know that contacts is just asking for danger. Thankfully there is GlassesShop. An online destination for both fashion frames, prescription glasses and sunglasses

Ever feel out of date with some of the options at the optometrist? Because same. Or splurge on those snazzy designer frames only to lose them, sit on them, or some other unkindly mishap? Because same yet again. And now in motherhood, I know it's bound to be twice as bad with twice the people around to do damage. GlassesShop offers over a hundred different frame options, of all shapes and styles for both men and women but best of all at prices that cannot be beat at any on location retailer. Without the costs of overhead, 9-5 workers, and unsold stock at each location - they are able to keep their prices low, selection high and availability consistent. All you need is your prescription (if required) and you can put it towards almost any frame of your choice. Their site even allows you to try the frames on as well as provides frame dimensions for determining what style is most suitable for you.

 Life gets pretty adventurous over here and I don't want to miss a thing just because my vision is poor or have to spend it worrying about the match that might break out between Rheo versus the glasses. With so many choices and low prices, I can afford to stock numerous pairs for different occasions or in my case - just for backup - without making my husband frown. My favourites are the Houma Rounds (worn in photos. They're easily my daily go-to's, but the Bruns Rounds (pictured in flat lay and wore online here) make for a cozy chic stay-at-home option or pose the perfect pair when I'm feeling extra funky.

Thanks to GlassesShop, I will continue chasing my boys around the world, no matter the adventure, with a perfect view and without worry. Don't forget to follow along on Snapchat (peeksatfiveft) and Instagram for "peeks" at all that.

Want in on the action? As if finding cheap glasses isn't a treat on it's own, use code GSHOT50 for 50% your purchase (that's huge!) at as a courtesy for being a Peeks At Five Ft. reader or follower.

Life is the greatest show on earth. Don't miss a detail.

XO, Olivia Murray.

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