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23 May 2016

Mama Monday: Can You Keep Up?

Motherhood is no workout to be overlooked. Seriously though! Who needs a gym membership when you've got a 20 pound weight literally depending on you.

I'm a busy body, kind of always have been since I started "adulating." And some days I forget what time it is or when I've even consumed my last meal. (Not healthy and so not promoting that!) Thankfully I found some quick fixes that benefit my body and Rheo's day. There's no more of a win-win than when I can fuel my body nutritiously and still devote majority of my day to finding adventure with him.

Today I am sharing my 5 fixes for making it through the day, meetings, mommy meet-ups, doctors appointments and whatever else motherhood throws your way.

1. Mix'n'Match - Best prepared the day before or bought pre cut but fruits ad veggies that are finger food sized and ready for dipping into a healthy, nutrient packed dip of choice. All you have to do is spend one day with my and you know my go-to is apple slices and peanut butter. I normally chop up two apples to make the snack more filling and if on the go, scoop a generous amount of peanut butter into a tupperwear and vamos! Not only is a fruit an obvious thumbs up but peanut butter (especially as  non-meat eater) is a for that doesn't get enough credit. Dips worth the while include: almond/cashew butter, hummus, or homemade guacamole, paired with any fruit, vegetable, or grain. 

2. Trail Mix - Skip the store bought stuff which usually ha something not so beneficial snuck in and opt to making your own mix at home. Choosing 1-2 from each of the following categories; nuts, grains (granola, cereal, etc.) seeds or dried fruit (pumpkin seed, raisins, etc.) and 1 sweet additive (chocolate chips for example) is pretty much fool proof and couldn't be a simpler way to toss a handful of mainly healthy calories into your mouth.

3. Don't Drink Your Calories - Make your sipping worth the while by opting for healthier drinks. Infused water is a trend you don't want to miss and for added benefits, I use Premama mix-ins to give me a boost of vitamins and electrolytes that are good for me and still good for baby (if nursing). I use Premama Essentials (+DHA) and Premama Lactation. They contain the same nutrients in prenatal vitamins for both the pregnancy and nursing journey. 

4. Avocado Over Everything - But literally though! Not only is it one of the easiest foods to prepare but it's packed with all the good stuff - especially healthy fats which every mama needs. My 30-second go to is avocado-toast. IF I've got an extra 2 minutes, I spread the toasted bread with a spoonful of avocado and top it with an egg and sprinkle of pepper and chia seeds. It's amazing how one serving of toast can feel somewhat filling and give you a boast.

5. Yogurt Bowl - Provided you have healthy adds in on deck, a 2-3 minute make that's high in protein and not skimpy in flavour. Choose a yogurt base of choice (my husband got me hooked on Greek, so that's my go-to). Then add 2 fruits of choice - berries are the most common and also easiest because they don't require any prep, next layer granola and/or sliced nuts, sprinkle with 2 seeds of choice - I use chia and hemp most commonly in any food but pumpkin seeds seem pretty popular on Pinterest recipes and voila! Other good mix-ins include things like a scoop of nut butter, additional fruit or seeds, or something like coconut shaving. The seed and nut combination got you covered for protein, the fruit convinces you you're having something sweet and the prep time is childproof.

If you have a nutritious niche that gets you through the day, feel free to drop in my comments or inbox.

We've only got one body to give them, make it a healthy one.

XO, Olivia Murray.

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