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28 Mar 2016

Adventure In The Forefront

After my son and husband there a few things that I obsess over (the colour black, gelato, instagram shopping) but fresh blooms or healing plants out to add to our home environment is one and since that's the case, it became inspiration for me to create a photographic story vase as a way to keep my promise to Rheo (see previous post) out and visible.

What you will need:

Paper Souvenir (tickets, photos, etc.)
Glue (*if your photos are printed on photo paper, you need something seriously strong - I learned this the hard way).
Paint Brush 
Newspaper (for laying).
And some greens or fresh blooms *cue man in your life*

Lay newspaper down on area incase of any spill or leakage of clue. Assemble tools prior to starting to make it an easy task.
Collect souvenirs for vase. I printed my photos in "Instagram" size for easier handling and less clumpy layering.
Trim photos, tickets, passes etc. as needed!
Once your selections are ready consider how you wish to arrange them prior to placing glue on anything. Also made this mistake at the beginning.
Generously coat vase (one side) with glue. Place photos on, one by one, as previously arranged being sure to add glue to parts that are now covering photo instead of glue covered glass.
Apply pressure. In my case, I turned it upside down on the newspaper and proceeded to, you know, mama-ing until dried.
Once dried, check all corners and edges of photos on thefts surface and continue to apply glue to extended edges and wrap around the corners. Continue on all sides or all the way around. Using an exact knife, trim around top/bottom/edge of vase before applying glue all over the top of photos (this acts a seal).
Let dry over night and fill with desired plant the following day. 

What's your #motherspromise and how do you keep it in front of you?

This post is sponsored by Pampers and Walmart.

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