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22 Mar 2016

Child Defying Colour

I've been having my hair coloured for years now, and gone in every which direction possible. Classic shades however are my revert go-to. The most common of picks, is a few shades darker than my natural hair colour (dark brown) so, the classic black. People say black is harsh and hard to keep up with. I beg to differ. It's all in the product and care keeping. I went back to black when my son was 2 months old because I actually thought it would be the easier route. I was right. And thanks to L'Oreal's new Preference Infinia it stays that way, through the abuse it takes in styling to the many washes it needs to free it of cereal and other baby edibles.

Be it cozy evenings, day to day shenanigans, game night, or breaking a sweat (all captured above, courtesy of my instagram husband) I need colour that lasts and doesn't call for a trip to the colourist every 4-6 weeks. Sorry colourist friends for cheating on you but for the first time ever, L'Oreal has created an at home colour refresher - enriched with condition based pigments specific to your shade, that keeps you flaunting "day one" colour. With powerful colour bases and a luminous system of conditioning, you'll be never dull - always revived. 

Check out a few of my other favourite colour enhancing/protecting products here as well.

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Be bold and stay beautiful.
XO, Olivia Murray.

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