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16 Mar 2016

Get Your Scrub On

Some habits got put on the back burner when I decided to take on motherhood. My skin care, wasn't one of them. When you've got a little one, all you want to do is snuggle up close to them and as soon as they get to a stage where they let you have some time to yourself, you'll want to do the same thing with some other important people in your life.

It's hard for me when choosing products, to find everything I like. For anyone who knows me or follows along on social media (instagrampinteresttwitter) they'll know I have a serious passion for organics. I try to implement that into all areas and aspects of my life. I also love to support both local, Canadian, or small businesses. Both those preferences can come with an unfriendly price tag however. And while I normally don't care when it comes to such things, I've got a small human requiring a whole lot of everything with price tags of their own that just guilts me every time I "want want want" something. Thankfully, I met JOE. Oh, you don't know him? I'll introduce you.

If you are familiar with Frank (the scrub that's been getting worldwide hype) well, Joe is merely the Canadian relative. And who doesn't love a Canadian boy? Joe is a Canadian brand providing natural, vegan, and fair trade scrubs.

Let me be completely honest with you and say this, they're uh-mazing. I first got on board with Joe when the classic coffee scrub was the only option, but they've since branched out and now offer a matcha and charcoal product as well. Sensitive skin? Eczema? Uneven skin tone? Dryness? Lack of elasticity and colour? Joe has got! you! COVERED! I can't say I've had severe skin problems since my early teen years (see my mother for terrible photos of me with acne, braces, and frizzy hair) but I have sensitive skin that can flare up with any problem on any given day, irritating easily with the smallest bother. Thankfully I can trust Joe for face, hands, or body to get the job done without the use of filler chemicals, harmful parabens, or unnecessary scents and colour dyes. I love being confident enough in a product's ability to sooth, moisturize and smooth out my skin tone - all while being safe enough to share.

Contemplating? You don't have to dive into commitment. Joe has full size bags as well as combo packs (love) but they also offer a mini bag, now available in all 3 types, for only $5. I know you'll want the full size in every option, and I'm so confident that I'm helping you get started by sharing a special discount using the code "PEEKS25" which is valid on any product of your choice. Pssst, that makes a 50g bag only $3.75. Are you seriously going to say no?

Chances are you deserve a coffee - don't you think your skin does too?
XO, Olivia Murray.
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