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25 Mar 2016


There are a lot of promises I would love to make my son; promise he'll never feel failure, pain or heartbreak, promise he will never get lost or lied to, promise he will never be turned down or outdone – but I can't. As parents, we are discussing more and more the things we cannot promise and how our job isn't to be able to promise the world but to be there when the world takes it toll. 

Figuratively speaking we can't promise Rheo the world, but hypothetically speaking we can. 

This month I'm partnering with Pampers x Walmart to share my personal #motherspromise, as well as one we can all make in our journey through motherhood.

The world is exactly what we want to give our son - in a sense of knowledge and experience. Between my husband and I, travel has been a plenty. Through such experiences we've come to have a broadened understanding of culture, grown an appreciation for religion that is not of our own and gained a more indepth ideal of what the world outside of our own backyards really consists of. These are lessons, values, and memories we wish to gift our son.

With the lifestyle that comes due to our careers, things are unpredictable and not always consistent. We could be living anywhere, any given season and have to up and move at any time. Projects, collaborations, and shows needing covered could have us on back to back flights or catching trains, taxis, you name it. I've often worried if Rheo would be missing something in his childhood because of all this. However, there is something I can promise him within it all.

(Sharing pictures from my husband's and I's travels - before parenthood, during pregnancy, and with Rheo).

Dear Rheo,

I promise you a life full of wandering adventure.
I promise you lessons that are more than just textbook.

I promise to show what the world really is - from my hip or hand in hand.
I promise when the time comes to let you explore it for yourself - chasing you with a camera or awaiting your stories.

I promise to teach you everything I've already learned - how differentiating one country and ethnicity is from another. Or it's people - why they dress how they do, how to appreciate their food.

I promise you will never grow up ignorant to the religion of others or fear someone for the colour of their skin.

I promise you will learn why we love our home country as much as we do.

And even though I can't promise you all your memories will take place there, that you won't have to make new friends, or have spent a life in your childhood home - I promise you a first row seat at as much of the world as we can possibly manage.

 Above all else, I promise you a life full of sight and adventure, love and laughter.

You are without a doubt, my greatest adventure.

And with that, I promise you a life of nothing less.

Be it in our many moves and travels or within our day-to-day play, a small but significant promise we make, is keeping Rheo happy, comfortable and dry. That's why we love Pampers Premium Care. Suitable for sensitive skin, highly breathable, and hypoallergenic - Pampers Premium diapers are also equipped with a wetness indicator for mom and dad but very effective and durable for the days you're not on your A-game. Pampers Premium Care diapers and baby wipes are now available at Walmart and

What's your promise to your little(s)?

I will be sharing a way to keep your promise in front of you in the following post. In the meanwhile, join the movement by sharing a snap of your babe and your own wishes to Instagram, using the hashtag #motherspromise.

XO, Olivia Murray.

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  1. Lucky Rheo! And lucky Olivia and Tyler. Wishing your adventure to continue to be filled with love and joy.
    Ann V

  2. very well written.....a touching write....Rheo is a lucky boy to have such caring parents that will offer him adventure, patience, empathy and love....My wish is every child is touch these internal traits molded by the environment they have been raised in.


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