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6 Jan 2016

Pink Blush & Another Year

I've never been a huge New Years person. I mean, sure I love a sparkly dress and martini as much as the next girl but it's always seemed a lot of prep work just to come out with a messy, tired, and headache induced morning. Ironically, not really lining up with the idea of resolutions. And despite the cliche idea of bettering yourself everyday (which I do in fact promote) I've come to appreciate a day that demands change because reality is, we too often say "I'll start (insert any time OTHER than now)."

I was all too happy to pull the mom card this year as to why I just couldn't do anything except stay home with my guys. I was equally as happy to both reflect on the year past and plan for that ahead. Personal reflection can be such a weight lifting activity. I went into this resolution making with a small mindset – which really isn't small at all, rather the belief that working on the little things could create a larger outcome.

It's hard not to feel that at times, others try and put resolutions on you themselves. Be it because of bad habits, your weaknesses, or in my case as a new mom because of just that. The most assumed resolution is actually the one thing that WON'T be on my list.

"Get pre-baby body back." Well, as lovely as that sounds, I know that day will come. However, it doesn't belong on my list of resolutions. It's not a problem or a setback, it isn't hindering my day-to-day life or tainting my potential as an individual. Reality is, right now I need to do everythng EXCEPT focus on committing to a diet or gym membership. My goals are to be healthy, strong, and energetic as to keep up (with R's milestones and and T's hectic season schedule) continue breastfeeding, saying "yes" to family adventures, and being both mentally and physically healthy. Doesn't seem like a daunting list to stay on top of, but I realize I wouldn't have the energy for this if I started counting calories. I wouldn't have the extra time that I do for cuddles, laughs, and soaking up every minute of potential firsts if I hung in a gym all day.

At the top of my resolutions list is being a hands on, healthy, happy, mom and wife for our family. A goal that calls on other goals and resolutions which make up a majority of my list. Things as small as consuming more water (which I hate) are small but mighty and regardless of the pressure to make moving mountains a resolution, I am appreciating the lesson that comes with fine tuning such expectations.

I've listed my 8 resolutions below and wish everyone all the strength and dedication in committing to theirs.


This year's resolutions fall into two very clear categories, simplicity and wellness – and if not entirely one, then it likely fits into both.

Be flexible.
(With the body, with time, with compromising).

More self-love.

Less stress.

Water consumption.

Opt organic.

More small-business.
(Supporting local, Canadian, and momprenuers).

Make time for dates.

Continue quality over quick, parenting.
(A post on how we aim for holistic and back-to-basic parenting, soon).

Here's to a year of lessons, love, and a life of simplicity.

Happy 2016!
XO, Olivia Murray.

Shirt (℅): Pink Blush | Leggings: Gap | Yoga Mat: Lululemon (old, similar here) | Jewellery: personal.

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